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Cox offers a variety of programs, internships and roles to students and those who are early in their career journey. Learn more about each of our division’s programs below.

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Connect to A Role @ Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive offers internships across 10+ locations in the U.S. for current college students. Throughout the summer internship, students will have the opportunity to complete challenging projects alongside some of the most talented individuals in the automotive technology industry.

The internship program also will allow students to enhance their leadership skills through professional development and educational components, in addition to having direct interactions with Cox leaders.

My internship experience with Cox Automotive gave me the opportunity to have responsibility over challenging and meaningful work, while learning from the best of the best. It was an invaluable experience, so much so that when it was all done, I couldn’t wait to return full time.

Reina Smith
Reina Smith,
People Solutions Project Coordinator

My internships at Cox Automotive acted as a catalyst to jump-start my career. From the relationships developed networking, to the experiences gained working on projects, I commend this program in the highest regard.

Adam George
Adam George,
Operational Excellence Manager

Cox Automotive’s culture truly embraces interns and gives them the reigns to make as much impact as possible through process improvement, relationship building and so much more. It’s your time to explore and act on your curiosity, so don’t be afraid to go all in!

Alaya Boykin
Alaya Boykin

Program Details

Cox offers full-time and part-time summer internship opportunities.

Internship Program

Our Internship Program is a 12-week experience that provides college students with practical work experience and tremendous personal growth. As part of our program, you’ll complete challenging business-critical projects alongside some of the most talented individuals in the advertising and technology industries.

Management Development

OnRamp is a structured, 12-month program that provides trainees with foundational people-management skills that are aligned with business needs and core competencies. Through advanced training, focused and relevant rotations, and interactions with a cross-section of senior leaders, our OnRamp graduates will be well-positioned for exciting careers as future leaders.

Connect With Us

Connect to A Role @ Cox Communications

Now is your chance to take advantage of the opportunities our Internship, Co-op, and LEAD rotational program at Cox Communications. You’ll work alongside some of the most talented professionals in the industry, add value to the projects you work on, and discover the support for your personal and professional growth that comes with being part of Cox. Connect to your future today.

I attended George Washington University for undergrad and Georgia State University for my MBA. I learned about the Cox internship from the National Black MBA Association, and chose Cox Communications over other companies because of the culture. People at Cox are very open. Everyone here is ready to answer questions, give advice, and include people in projects. The most valuable thing I learned at Cox was to put myself out there, and to take initiative and be proactive in seeking solutions. Join programs and initiatives and stand out from the crowd – it’s how you continue to grow your career.

Chinye Oseji
Chinye Oseji,
Financial Analyst II, Reporting—Finance

I graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Business Administration, and learned about Cox Communications (CCI) through the career services team there. I would recommend preparing for the interview by learning everything you can about Cox. They want and need your knowledge, passion, and creativity—so bring it! The best thing about my experience at Cox was working in a culture that expected and wanted me to grow. It was an environment and atmosphere that allowed me to mature.

Bethany Stewart
Bethany Stewart,
Business Process Analyst II—Technology

I attended Auburn University and received my Bachelor’s in Software Engineering. I chose Cox Communications because they foster an atmosphere that allows you to complete work without being micromanaged. Every leader I’ve encountered at Cox gives employees the freedom to solve issues. The most valuable thing I learned at Cox is to be a sponge. There is so much knowledge around campus that you just have to try to soak up as much as possible and pass on what you learn to others.

Shernovius Bennett
Shernovius Bennett,
Event Engineer I—IT Operations
  • Start Right

    Get started right with a full-day orientation consisting of an introduction of new hires, history of Cox, business overview and onboarding.

  • Make Connections with the C-Suite

    Get access to a speaker series involving executive leaders including the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Technology Officer.

  • Connect With A Mentor

    Get a mentor as part of our “Buddy System” that pairs new interns and co-op participants with alumni of the program and Group members, giving the opportunity for networking and information exchange.

  • Connect to Opportunity

    Get connected to opportunity with our recruiter meet-and-greets and our one-to-one recruiter student connections; we give participants the chance to build relationships with the people that do our hiring.

  • Gain Skills

    Get skills with our in-house training, customized learning paths and free Cox University access, including classes dealing with computer language, Excel training and management development.

  • Connect with the Community

    Get a chance to give back with the volunteer opportunities we offer every semester, including our partnership with Meals On Wheels Atlanta.

  • Get recognized for great work

    Get recognized for great work with a showcase to Cox employees, recruiters, hiring managers and executives of the projects you’ve worked on during your time at Cox.

Student Internships and Co-ops

Paid Internships

  • 12 Week Program
  • Paid Positions
  • Students get practical experience related to their major that will enhance classroom learning
  • College sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students
  • Students supervised and evaluated at work site by Cox


  • Three alternate semesters on a full-time basis, year-round
  • Paid Positions
  • College sophomores and juniors
  • 3-semester development plan for students

Lead Program

Get ahead with Cox’s LEAD program. It’s an immersive, two-year leadership development program concentrated on the Project Management discipline. Participants receive three months of focused training followed by supported on-the-job project management, providing meaningful and challenging work, access to senior leadership, and ideal training for future leaders. At the end of the two years, participants continue to serve as full-time project managers at Cox Communications.

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