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The phone call that changed her life

During the fall of 2018, Daisy Hibbard, Scrum Master for Dealertrack, a Cox Automotive brand, received a phone call that dramatically changed her life. Never backing down from a challenge, Daisy fought for her health and her family and came out on top!

Two years ago, Daisy was the Manager of Internal Events and Community Relations for NextGear Capital, a Cox Automotive brand. However, little did she know that her position would be impacted after Cox Automotive announced a workforce reduction. She was devastated but determined to get back in the working world as soon as she could. Daisy was pleased with the way she was treated when she was laid off and was hopeful to return to Cox. Within 90 days, after earning her Professional Scrum Master certification she was hired as a Scrum Master for Dealertrack. Ironically, her new job was in the same building where she had started her career several years ago.

During a Monday morning team meeting, Daisy received an important phone call that would forever change her life—she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Immediately after her doctor called, she contacted her husband of 13 years, Brett, to share the news. Any person would have fallen apart upon receiving this news, but not Daisy. She kept her head high and willingly went back into the meeting staying calm and collected. Daisy explained, “I just kept repeating in my head, ‘No need to panic. I have the most curable kind of cancer. It’s going to be ok.’”

There are not many people in the world that can receive such traumatic information and keep level-headed in a meeting. Luckily, Daisy was able to maintain a positive attitude throughout the duration of her chemotherapy. She had a loving and supportive team at Cox who were her cheerleaders from the beginning, which helped her keep pushing through.

“I don’t think I could have done all this without the love and support from my coworkers. It made this whole process a lot easier and less painful.”

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Not a worry in sight about stacks of bills and money, Daisy was able to focus on relaxing and doing the things she enjoys. She attributes this freedom to the Cox employee healthcare benefits.

“I will forever be grateful for Cox’s amazing healthcare benefits. Instead of having to stress about a mountain of hospital bills, my husband and I were able to stay on track with our goals of creating a garden and planting fruit trees. I don’t think I could have made it through chemotherapy without Cox’s short-term disability benefit.”

The process and several rounds of chemo is physically and emotionally draining, but Daisy didn’t let anything prevent her from doing the things she loves. After her final round of chemo, she and her husband planted six fruit trees and built five gardens. They also began composting and planting several flowers to attract honey bees. According to Daisy, she says; “my neighbors probably think cancer turned me into a ‘hippie,’ but cancer made me realize what’s most important in life: the small things.”

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Be on the Lookout for Your Next Job…Even When You Don’t Feel Ready

In a fast-paced organization, balancing multiple programs can a be a challenge. However behind every solution are some incredibly cool folks in product, engineering and operations making it happen. Our technology teams in Austin are no different and they make the product portfolio of vAuto possible!

Checking in from Austin is Product Marketing Manager Matt Spurlock who shares what it’s like to work alongside the product engineering teams there. Learn how he not only helps spotlight the products from our technology teams, but also how he works with those teams across vAuto to help them better understand the problem they’re solving and who they’re solving it for.

By: Matt Spurlock

As I sit here catching up on the veritable mountain of work this evening, I almost find it difficult to prioritize. Each activity is another exciting step in a slew of new product marketing projects and initiatives which all promise to lead vAuto and her brands to new heights. That said, it’s so exciting and interesting, I hardly mind the mountain!

It was one year ago when I submitted my application to a new position opening on the Product Marketing team. At the time, I had already been with Cox Automotive for 6 years as a Product Manager at vAuto but was looking to grow skills and broaden my career. All of a sudden, a friend came out of nowhere to let me know his team was looking to expand. After a long interview process, I was offered the job and with nervous excitement I accepted. It is difficult to express how happy I have been with my decision to make the leap into what was very unchartered territory. It was, and continues to be a steep learning curve, but through the process we’ve begun to make great pioneering strides in Product Marketing for vAuto and Cox Automotive.

In the Austin office I have pretty open access to our mobile and desktop developer teams, product, and operations. As a matter of fact, I have even had the privilege of training some of them on both the products themselves and the dealer market we work in!

To describe my role in better detail, it helps to understand the other main roles in the office, what we do and how we work together.

My job in product marketing is to support them all from both ends of the cycle.

On the front end, Product Marketing gets to help Product and Engineering better understand the market. Competitive analysis, Win/Loss Research, focus groups and survey feedback can all help feed the folks designing, building and prioritizing the next big thing with good solid facts instead of just using their gut.

As a product reaches the launch phase, I get to help tell the story to our marketing partners creating collateral and to those speaking directly to the dealers. I also gather information about how the product is received by our clients and feed that back into Product and Engineering. Thus, starting the whole cycle over again!

My experience and the relationships I have here allow me to both receive and provide valuable context across a broad spectrum. Having so many of these relationships in house is one of the things that makes working at the Austin office so special! Also making it special is the foundation and backing of Cox Automotive while maintaining the agile, startup spirit. What’s more is how many leaders we have that have been here since we actually were a startup! It’s truly a neat place to be. There’s been a great deal of growth, both from myself and vAuto over these seven years. With the camaraderie and support we give one another; I know I can look forward to the next seven and beyond!

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How Cox Automotive allows me the luxury of simplicity

Meet Sabrina Johnson, Software Engineer Manager at Cox Automotive — a woman who has a knack for the arts and an appreciation of people. See how her small town upbringing has given her a simpler perspective on life, and how Cox allows her to incorporate this into her management style.

By Sabrina Johnson

I’ve never been too much of a city girl.

Braselton, Georgia has been my home for 13 years. It’s quiet. Serene. Wine country. It is definitely more my speed. This quaint town is about 45 miles outside of the bustling city of Atlanta. My commute to work is long, but I love where I live.

Autotrader, a Cox Automotive company, hired me in 2008 and I eventually assumed the position as a Senior User Interface Engineer. I led the Search Evolution Project, which was huge at the time.

The functionality of the project was to add filters to our Autotrader search results page and helping redesign the search funnel. It was a fast-paced environment that required a lot of time and focus.

Now I am a multi-discipline manager, a single mom, and an artist.

As a multi-discipline manager, my passion lies in making people feel valued. To me that is the most important duty as a manager to remind people that they matter to me. It was a time when the team was working on a ton of projects and team morale was low. The monotony of the work wasn’t fun for them and I wanted to give them a break and show my appreciation. That’s why I orchestrated a floor-wide Autotrader Olympics. We kicked it off with pizza and participated in events like, “office chair curling” and the “long jump.” We had a blast.

When contractors are converted to employees, I throw each of them their own dessert party because it’s a big deal to be a part of the Autotrader family! Every new employee should know they’re special. We want to let them know they are a part of the family now. Because that’s what this is, it’s family.

As a single mom, my life has a lot of moving parts to it. Yet, Cox Automotive lets life happen. On mornings where I need to avoid traffic by working from home, it’s no problem. If I need to go to a school function for my two kids, no questions asked. I know that my job supports me in the important things and I make sure to offer the same flexibility to my direct reports.

As an artist, I express myself through painting. Working at Cox, I can continue my love for the arts. Recently, I entered a plein air painting competition in Duluth. It was an entire weekend of painting and then the art was displayed and judged at the end of it all. My children and I also just traveled to Europe, where I got new inspiration for my paintings.

My adventure was not a burden to the company, it was encouraged.

When I think of my small town in Braselton, I think of home. I get to take a step back to enjoy what matters in life, without the noise. Without the hustle and bustle.

When I think of Cox Automotive, I think of family. Cox Automotive allows this same luxury, to value the important things in life without the noise and without the hustle and bustle. There is something special about a large company with a small feel and there’s something even more special about the people within it.

Special thanks to Sabrina for sharing her story! If you would like to build a career in technology with a promising balance of work-life and family, learn moreabout current opportunities with Cox Automotive.

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How to Maintain Work-Life Balance

For Monique Cobbins there’s a quote by Vince Lombardi that best represents her life, “Winners are willing to go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else.” Since joining Cox Automotive, Monique has experienced incredible balance in giving her best time and attention to her career and family.

By: Monique Cobbins, Inside Regional Sales Manager

My story begins on a car lot in Independence, Missouri working as a Used Car Sales Consultant. My weekdays and weekends were incredibly busy, and I didn’t notice that I had a missed message on LinkedIn from a Cox Automotive recruiter. Once I responded to the recruiter, I received a call immediately and was thrilled to know that he felt I was a good fit for the position and even offered me to interview for a Dual Sales role. On March 2017, I accepted my new role as a Business Development Consultant.

Balancing Family

Prior to joining Cox, I had never heard of the company, and it was important for me to join a company that valued time with family. I’m a single mom to three boys: my 14-year old son Simeon and my 11-year old twin boys Kaeden and Kennedy. Finding time to spend with my boys on the weekends was hard at my prior job and I knew with my boys playing competitive basketball, I wanted to be their biggest cheerleader. I’m grateful that my career here at Cox has allowed me to build memories, and experience life to the fullest!

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Balancing Work

Within my first year at Cox Automotive as a Business Development Consultant, I was 2x award winner for “UpSell Member of the Month” and was presented with an opportunity to become a Regional Manager for VinSolutions. As an Inside Regional Sales Manager, my job is to generate revenue within the New England/Northeast territory by offering VinSolutions products to local automotive dealers. I work very closely with my partner Emily Gallagher who travels into the dealership to present a demonstration of our products. Once the best product package has been consolidated, I present the proposal and begin the negotiation. Once accepted we push the information to the product implementation team for installation at the local dealer’s place of business.

Best Moments

Working for Cox Automotive has been life-changing. I work for a company that cares about my quality of life and that’s priceless! As a Cox Automotive team member, I feel secure and confident in my career here. I also get to work with others who share the same work ethic, and passion for the automotive industry that makes for a perfect fit!

The one thing Cox Automotive does better than any company is not making you feel like an ordinary employee! From the onboarding process, I knew that I was joining an organization that cared about career growth and success! At Cox Automotive I believe you will be rewarded for outstanding work ethic versus a “pat on the back” like most large companies.

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