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Learn About DiverseABILITY ERG at Cox


At Cox, community and representation are fueled by employee resource groups, or ERGs. Two leaders from the DiverseABILITY ERG reveal how this group cultivates a culture where people with diverse abilities can grow and succeed at Cox. 

DiverseABILITY ERG is an employee-led group focused on supporting employees with disabilities, caretakers and allies by raising awareness about accessibility in the workplace and fostering a more inclusive culture for people with different abilities within Cox. 

“Disability is intersectional, affecting individuals of every race, religion, gender identity and phase of life,” said Anastasia Kapetansky, DiverseABILITY co-chair and senior lead product manager for accessibility at Cox. “This is a diversity dimension anyone can be a part of and any one of us can join at some point in our lives.”  

We spoke with Anastasia and one of her fellow ERG co-chairs: Patrick McFall, director of construction and planning at Cox. Here, they talk about their experiences with the ERG and how the group empowers employees while driving awareness and inclusion at Cox. 


How did you first get involved with the DiverseABILITY ERG? 

Anastasia: Since 2017, I’ve had the privilege of leading external accessibility efforts at Cox, and this has allowed me to connect with many different people across the company. Many have generously shared their personal and professional experiences regarding their accessibility needs, their loved ones’ journeys and the imperative for enhanced disability inclusion in the workplace. Given my longstanding passion for this cause, I seized the moment to connect with fellow advocates and establish the DiverseABILITY ERG in 2022. 

Patrick: My son, Ashton, is on the spectrum and was being passed through the public school system without actually making academic progress. From 1st through 6th grade, he did not advance a single grade level in his reading proficiency. That’s when we transitioned him to a school that takes education from an individual perspective and, from 7th grade on, he was advancing two to three grade levels per year with his reading; he graduated from high school and is now attending college. His success, enabled simply by the recognition of the need for a different approach, inspired me to bring about a similar mindset and strategy to enable success for neurodiverse individuals within Cox. 

Several years ago, I began an effort to bring a local support group together within the Arizona market for parents and caregivers of neurodiverse children. While working with Cox’s Center for Inclusion team to organize this effort, they connected me with a group in Atlanta that was attempting to achieve the same goal. We combined our efforts, and that group became the initial DiverseABILITY ERG members. 


What is the purpose and mission of DiverseAbility ERG?  

Anastasia & Patrick: DiverseABILITY ERG has been established to cultivate an environment where people with diverse abilities can grow and thrive.  

Our two main areas of focus are improving workplace culture through learning and networking opportunities and recruiting, hiring, onboarding and helping retain employees with disabilities through talent acquisition and HR processes and tools.   


What is the meaning behind the name “DiverseAbility”? 

Anastasia & Patrick: The name “DiverseABILITY” is meant to embrace the uniqueness and potential in every human being, with or without a disability. 


What are your long- and short-term goals as ERG co-chairs? 

Anastasia & Patrick: As co-chairs, we understand and value the contributions of employees with disabilities, caretakers and allies — and we advocate for increased accessibility awareness and disability inclusion. We envision a more inclusive world for people of all abilities where they are treated with equality, dignity and respect, and are recognized for their abilities rather than disabilities. We work tirelessly to ensure that each of our members becomes accessibility champion in their everyday life and amplifies our message beyond the ERG events. 


What types of programs and events does the ERG host throughout the year? 

Anastasia & Patrick: Each year, we organize and host numerous events and campaigns to highlight communities under the DiverseAbility umbrella, including Neurodiversity and Autism Acceptance Month in April, Disability Pride Month in July and National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October. 


How is DiverseAbility ERG making an impact on employees’ experiences at Cox? How has the ERG made an impact on your own career and work experience at Cox? 

Anastasia & Patrick: The DiverseAbility ERG is really making a difference by shining a light on accessibility and disability inclusion, as well as creating a welcoming and open space and a platform where employees with disabilities and caretakers can talk about their experiences, seek help and offer support to others.  


Learn more about Cox’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity and explore jobs at Cox 

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