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Hiring FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to stressful situations, job searches are right up there with being cornered by hangry tigers. We understand that and do our very best to make the process – dare we say? – enjoyable. One way we try to keep the tigers at bay is to help you find answers to some of the most common questions about our hiring process.


So, how does all this work? Glad you asked. It depends on what job/level you’re applying for, but there’s typically a six-step hiring process for most of our roles at Cox. Here’s what it looks like:  

Process Submit

1. Online Application

First, you’ll apply to a job through the Cox careers website. Our recruiters will review the info you submit to see if you’re a good fit to continue to the next step.
Process Interview

2. Interview with Cox Talent Acquisition

Sweet! Our recruiters believe you may be a potential match. They’ll contact you to chat over the phone. You can learn more about the job and they can learn more about your experience and aspirations. And don’t worry, we’ll set up the interview at your convenience and walk you through the process.
Process Interview2

3. Interview with Hiring Manager

Now it’s time to meet the hiring manager and maybe a few other folks, either over the phone, virtually and/or in person. Time for you to shine!
Process Offer

4. Offer

Boom! There ya go. The hiring manager loved you and offered you the job. Nice going! Keep your eyes peeled for an email with a link to the secure offer letter. Oh, and please know that Cox will never ask you to send us money or make a purchase as a condition of your employment.
Process Screening

5. Pre-Employment Screening

If you accept our job offer, you’ll need to complete an employment screening, which includes a review of your drug screen, references, employment history, and educational history, to set you on the road to official employment at Cox

Process Hired

6. You’re Hired

Way to go! You got the gig, and you’re ready to start your new career at Cox. We’ll make sure to answer all your questions and get you all set for your first day. Welcome aboard!


You bet! We have quite a few remote positions available throughout our family of businesses. Use the “Remote Jobs” filter on our job search page to find out which positions are currently remote. We also offer work from home jobs as well where some days you can work from your couch while others you can mingle with your favorite colleagues in our buzzing Cox office spaces. Want to learn more about the flexibility we offer at Cox?

Many Cox employees do their best work from the comfort of their own homes. While some jobs require being face-to-face, many don’t. We offer choices because for us, it’s all about empowering each team to make decisions that help them maintain balance while getting the job done. Your interviewer will be happy to help discuss what option might work best for you.

Taking care of employees is foundational to what we do. In addition to offering flexibility in where you work (at home, in person, etc), here are just some of the benefits we offer:

  • Flexible Scheduling: We encourage employees to work with their leaders to plan flexible arrangements, making the balance between work and personal commitments easier to manage. We’ve got three options that make flexing easier for everyone: flexible scheduling, block scheduling and compressed work weeks.
  • Free access to Headspace: You’ll also receive free membership to this sleep and meditation app.
  • Free counseling in person, or through chat, text, phone or video: We take mental wellness very seriously. Cox employees have access to a variety of free counseling resources.
  • Access to Care@Work: All full-time and part-time employees in Canada and the US, including Puerto Rico, can access a complimentary membership to’s premium digital offering. Here, you can find in-home childcare or daycare, senior care for elder family members, pet sitting, housekeeping, tutoring and even personal assistants.
  • Free preschool resources: Cox employees nationwide can access free online preschool through the Atlanta Speech School, a Cox community partner.

Visit our benefits section to learn more.


Keep your career journey in forward motion by visiting our internal Workday portal. From there, you can see what jobs are available and apply. Note that current employees must apply through the internal employee application site

We want you to stay in touch, and the best way to do that is by joining our Talent Community. That way, we can send you jobs we think you may be interested in and company info so you can stay connected with us.

Sometimes, scammers try to impersonate recruiters. We’ve got a few simple ways to sniff these scammers out, so you can tell what’s risky from what’s legit. First, know that Cox won’t make any offers unless you’ve already applied for a specific job through our official Cox careers website. Cox recruiters never ask for personal info (like your banking info, social security number or even your driver’s license number) using social media, email or texts. That kind of highly sensitive information should only be submitted through our official, secure application process. Another red flag: Cox will never ask you to make a purchase or send us money as part of the employment process.

If someone offered you an opportunity with Cox but broke any of these guidelines above in the process, report this potential fraud to and DON’T send them any money.

First, you’re awesome. Thanks for connecting us with a great candidate! Cox employees can navigate through the internal Workday careers portal and choose “Refer A Friend” to begin that process.

You bet! In fact, you can apply to as many jobs as you like. You’ll find all your application submissions on your account profile.

You can edit your application before you submit it. However, once it’s submitted, you can only edit details of your profile.

It probably means that the recruiter is still reviewing applications. We get quite a few, as you can imagine. Hang in there and be patient. We’ll be in touch via email when there’s news. In the meantime, you can always check the submission status on your account profile.

Contact your recruiting coordinator by email or phone. We don’t include the details of interviews in the job submission status.

Yes, all job offers at Cox depend on the results of a thorough pre-employment screening.

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