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His eyes moved the cursor, opening a window to independence

We believe accessibility is our responsibility. That’s why our teams build bridges to next-generation technology that helps people with disabilities enjoy more independence – like TVs users can control with their eyes.

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A world within reach

Connecting people to a more accessible future


At Cox Communications, we go beyond providing cable and internet connections. We close the gap between people and technology, regardless of ability, and foster personal connections with each customer. And, in our never-ending search for new ways to bring the power of connection to more people, we’ve become a leader in accessible tech and design. For many of our employees like Ryan Wilson, an accessibility product manager — the topic hits close to home.

“My aunt had a cognitive disability,” Ryan said. “Growing up, I got to see her experiences with navigating the world. When the opportunity came for me to move into accessibility technology, I had an empathetic link to it from seeing her experiences firsthand. When we build our websites and devices effectively, barriers fall away.

Whether we're offering accessible technology, creating specialized products for those with disabilities or simply promoting inclusion within our workplace, we're committed to helping everyone access a better tomorrow.

Our commitment to digital empowerment

See how we’re closing the digital gap by connecting vulnerable households to the Internet.

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Our numbers speak volumes.

Source: Great Place to Work 2023 survey data (Cox scores vs. average scores for U.S. companies)

We care about you

Career satisfaction is just the beginning. At Cox, we want employees to feel fulfilled at work and beyond.

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Putting people first

Explore our remarkable benefits, including flexible work.

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Lifting each other up

Discover how we promote inclusion, diversity and equity.

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Growing the good

Learn how we serve the communities where we live, work and play.


And the winner is...

Across our family of businesses and around the world, we’re being recognized for the quality of our work and the quality of our work life.

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