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The EV battery visited the recycling plant again and again.

We’re prolonging the lives of electric vehicle batteries – an environmentally-friendly innovation that benefits us all. It’s just one way Cox is making cars and fleets kinder to the planet.

Electrifying the future

Prolonging EV battery life


Cox Automotive provides end-to-end battery lifecycle management for vehicle manufacturers and battery companies, reducing the need to mine new materials and keeping batteries out of oceans and landfills. For each failed electric vehicle (EV) battery, we set out to refurbish that pack to be put back in the car. Batteries that cannot be repaired can be recycled to create new batteries, or given a second life in an energy storage system.

According to Tyler Helps, Director of Business Development within Cox Automotive’s EV battery business, energy independence comes from diversifying energy sources and critical materials.

"The most interesting thing about electric vehicles, to me, is their role in transforming energy consumption," Tyler said. "EVs are flexible. Once energy is converted into electricity, EVs can utilize it regardless of its initial source, be it solar, wind, natural gas."

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