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The dog park after dark was safe for all (except the tennis ball).

Our teams are creating the parks of tomorrow. We’re building AI technology to turn lights on at dusk, smooth traffic flow and keep parks safer and cleaner around the clock…for dogs and their best friends. The result: playtime, any time of day.

Reimagining public parks

Powering safe and smart cities


A park that is not pleasant and safe is nothing more than a patch of grass. Parks can be the epicenter of connection within communities, bringing people from all walks of life together on an equal playing field. And with innovations in AI and IoT, we're helping cities build safer public spaces.

We empower city leaders to implement solutions that provide 24/7 monitoring of the premises, automatically logging incidents and capturing real-time data. From spotting after-hours activity to monitoring the amount of waste in garbage cans, we use sensors to monitor irregular images and report abnormalities. It’s efficient, secure and pretty cool if you ask us.

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