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14 Questions with Ron Calderon

Ron Calderon is involved with testing Cox Automotive’s digital retailing platform to make sure it runs smoothly – and he could pass any pop culture trivia test with flying colors (we’ll have a more in-depth celebrity gossip chat with him another time)

Johnny Edwards

For Johnny Edwards, an investigative reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reporting on the Coronavirus has required new levels of resourcefulness and tenacity.

Ligaya Figueras

For Ligaya Figueras, food and dining editor for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, keeping readers informed and engaged about how food shapes their community is where her passion lies.

Joseph Ferguson

Joseph was immersed in the world of social media news reporting long before he joined the AJC. Throughout college and his post-grad career, he produced an online news show.

Benefits Focus: How Alec Found Work-Life Balance at Cox

Alec Bettenhausen is a Senior Strategic Sales Manager at Cox Automotive. Two years ago, Alec made a life-changing decision: to step away from a career in his family’s automotive dealership, which was taking a toll on his physical health, mental wellbeing and relationships. When he joined Cox, Alec discovered a culture where employees’ time and personal lives are honored.