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Shernovius knows a thing or two about service.

Shernovius started at Cox Communications as an intern and co-op with a love of technology. He advanced through the Cox organization as he became a leader at solving network problems, and now serves as a Service Assurance Technical Engineer.

A mixed bag of tech challenges? Jackie is up for the task.

Jackie has the unique career experience of working in technology for three Cox divisions – Cox Enterprises, Cox Media Group, and Cox Automotive – within just five years.

Connecting doctors and patients like never before

Healthcare looks vastly different today than it did a decade ago. And in a world where we can order groceries by speaking to an Amazon Alexa device or monitor the security of our front porches from miles away, why shouldn’t it?

Growing the future ‘tech stars’ of tomorrow

When it comes to launching a business, a helping hand goes a long way. Techstars helps entrepreneurs get a leg-up with their startups, acting as an accelerator for early-stage companies by providing education and funding.

Connecting devices – and people – through Cox2M

Cox Communications has long been a frontrunner in connecting people and technology, so it’s no surprise that Cox is a leader within the Internet of Things (IoT).

A ‘Clutch’ technology for drivers

Let’s say that you enjoy driving a small sedan for your workday commute, but you’re going furniture shopping this weekend and need more cargo space to bring your new stuff home.

From stressed student to loving leader

When Julie Park was a college senior, she was assigned to a capstone project with Cox Communications’ video engineering team. She vividly recalls the pace of balancing two jobs, a full-time academic workload, and this capstone.