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Life Lessons that Built a Promising Future

Meet Michael Apodaca, Retail Sales Associate for Cox Communications, who believes in living one day at a time.

We interviewed Michael to learn more about his ability to take advantage of life’s important lessons and how to use them to build a better future.

How has working for Cox Communications impacted your life?

Cox is more than an internet and technology company. We do so much for employees around wellness and providing counselors. Today, six years sober, I am proud of my growth and my desire to push forward. I love coming to work!

Do you have a daily motto that you like to live by?

Live one day at a time. I am open and honest about sharing my story with others because I aspire to be inspiring.

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Describe what it’s like working for Cox Communications.

Every day that I get to work with customers, I learn more about the power of listening. Customers just want to be heard. At Cox, we believe that if we connect with our consumers on an emotional level, then we are able to solve their problems. And by listening to my customers, that’s also how I can demonstrate the value of our products.

What gets you excited to come to work every day?

My team members! As a team, we respond to each other very well. There are times when we may not see eye to eye but we quickly resolve and are right back to where we started. It’s an amazing dynamic, because our leadership team keeps up this positivity and customers can feel the energy when they walk into our store.

What’s the most important take-away readers should have from our discussion?

It’s a true family culture at Cox Communications, and I’ve never felt this way about any job. It’s a place where I feel emotionally and physically safe and a place where I can at my very best.

Special thanks to Michael for sharing his story! If you want to be a part of a dynamic team learn more about our career opportunities in Retail Sales.

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