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Ever wonder what it’s like to lead a team of sales reps? Or perhaps you’ve been curious to know what sales leaders look for when they are hiring a new rep. We sat down with three advertising sales leaders from Cox Media, Inc. who lead teams of all sizes from different states to learn some of the secrets to their success.

Cox Media, Inc. (CMI), is the advertising sales division of Cox Communications with locations across the U.S., and behind the success of this division is a force of sales representatives who find creative advertising solutions for their clients. Let’s meet Suzanne Banks-Russell, based in Mobile, Ala. who’s been with us four years; Baton Rouge-based and 13-year rep Dirk Hofman; and San Diego-based representative Maria McRoberts celebrating 20 years at Cox.

What do you love about your job?

Suzanne: Meeting a wide range of business people and helping them grow. We have a growing portfolio of solutions with something perfect for everyone, no matter the size, business type or budget. I also love how people-focused Cox is and our corporate values. I’m proud to work for Cox.

Dirk: I love that every day is an adventure. The morning starts with a cup of coffee and then you never know where it will take you. In sales, we have no dull moments.

How do you proactively delight your customers?

Dirk: I try to stay relevant. If I send customers the same stuff all the time, I become part of the noise. I try to think ahead and make everything relevant to the customer.

Maria: I remind my clients how much I appreciate their trust in me and how much I value our partnership. More importantly, I do this FACE TO FACE!

What advice do you have for new members of the sales team? New employees, in general?

Suzanne: Cox is an amazing company. Invest time in learning about our company’s history and corporate culture. Don’t rush past our training. You can’t be effective for your clients if you don’t understand our products and solutions.

Dirk: Keep moving forward. Don’t get stuck in something you feel like you could have done better. I always tell new people that when they fail (and they will), Fail Forward. Make mistakes and learn from them. This is the best way to grow and succeed.

Maria: Take advantage of our excellent company training programs and continue to be a life-long learner. Our company benefits are second-to-none. Sign up for everything and stay informed!

How can non-sales employees help us to reach our sales goals?

Suzanne: EVERYONE is a sales employee. Not everyone has face-to-face interaction with our customers, but they need to be ready. Non-sales-employees should take pride and ownership as much as anyone else. Everyone should be part of the goal. Whether it’s a new commercial, a new business popping up in your neighborhood or billboard, tell someone. Everyone can help.

Maria: Non-Sales employees in our organization are some of our best and finest. I find that their ongoing support and encouragement is what makes our sales organization stand out and succeed.

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