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3x sales champ reflects on his successes at work and at home

Khalil Al-Amir, Cox Business Security Sales Manager, shares an inspiring story of courage and sacrifice plus the key Ingredients to his success.

By: Khalil Al-Amir

I was born in Syria, a beautiful country ripped apart by war. When I was just 5 years old, my parents, my two sisters, and I fled to Rhode Island. We already had some family arrive before us – my aunt and uncle and grandparents.

My parents left friends, family, jobs, our home – everything – to give my sisters and me a better life, a safe life. Can you imagine what courage that took? My parents never speak of the sacrifices they made for us. But my sisters and I know, and we will never forget. It helps drive me every day.

Beyond my courageous parents, I have been fortunate to have worked with great leaders at Cox. They encourage me, give me feedback, and like my father, push me to be and do my best.  

Sales has always been my passion, and developing talent has become another one as I grow into this leadership role.

I’m a very competitive person, and every day, I’m inspired by the people around me. I think good salespeople must be like athletes, where the ultimate motivation is the desire to win and be the best.

As Security Sales Manager, half my time is spent in the office doing admin work and meetings, but the other half is out in the field. I love being in the field! My time in the field allows me to meet potential clients and support my team.

My secret sauce to success is to be good to your people, and they will be good for you. I have built mutual trust with my team that is needed in a sales environment.

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Back in Syria, my parents were very respected; they were teachers, which are very honored positions. When I got older, I remember working alongside my father as a landscaper. He taught me that whatever job you do, you give it your best, and be proud of what you are doing.

That’s why I support my team where they need it most to make sure they have the autonomy to run their business.

My mother also inspired me, she gave me my biggest motivation – always be positive! I do not allow myself to have a bad day. I live by the motto “if you can, change it; if you can’t, change your attitude about it.”

I worked hard to achieve my goals, and my proudest accomplishment, on top of my successes that Cox offered me, is when I purchased a home.

I have only been working at Cox for seven years. But in that time, I’ve received several promotions including three invitations to the Winner’s Circle, an annual awards ceremony recognizing high-achieving sales professionals with a great vacation trip. In my third year, I relocated to Las Vegas to help set up the Centers of Excellence, and shortly after, I received another promotion, bringing me home to Rhode Island. I mention these accomplishments to make my point  – you can achieve great things at Cox!

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