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A Love of Cars Comes to Life Through Tech at Cox

Greg Patch, Cox employee with his dog

A passion for cars runs in Greg Patch’s family. His dad worked at a dealership for 40 years and when Greg graduated from college, he, too, went into the auto business — with a twist. 

Fresh out of school, he landed a tech support job at one of the hot tech companies right in his hometown of Burlington, VT:, which is now a Cox Automotive company. 

“It was natural to come work here,” he said.  

About 10 years — and five promotions — later, Greg is now a senior product manager on the team, where he rallies his team around a vision for new products or features for customers. 

Here, Greg talks about how he got into product management, why he’s stayed at the same company since college and his latest hobby around cars. 

From performing password resets to developing new products 

Greg has always had a front-seat to Cox Automotive’s suite of products for dealers. He began helping customers with troubleshooting, then moved on to work in product quality. From there, he transitioned to being a product owner and then product manager.

One thing has remained the same, though: his product-focused job has never been simply heads-down in tech and data. Greg said that it’s all about connecting with different people — including customers. 

“The mantra for products, and what I subscribe to, is I just try to talk to people,” he said. “A lot of my day to day is just talking to people — talking to engineers, stakeholders, customers — and basically feeling out what it is we need to accomplish for our customers.” 

And when it comes to developing innovative solutions, Greg said there’s a lot of hands-on work to get to the root of each customer’s need. He cited the well-known “Jobs to Be Done” framework of understanding customer goals. 

“A lot of times people think they know what they want,” Greg explained. “But if somebody goes to the store to purchase a drill, they don’t actually need a drill; what they need is a hole. And that’s the kind of thing we’re trying to identify as product managers: what does the customer really need, and is there a better way to create it?” 

A culture of fun and friendship 

When Greg first started the company, he never imagined going to work could be so fun, with events, food, fitness classes and volunteer opportunities. 

“This is not what I expected, especially seeing my dad who was working nine-hour days with a 30-minute lunch break,” he said. “I absolutely love it. I love seeing people. I love the gym and the amenities that we have here, and we have free car charging, which is fantastic.” 

As much as he enjoys the office perks, Greg said what he loves most about working at Cox is the people he gets to work and build friendships with on the job.

“There are so many people here that I like enough to say that I work with a lot of my friends; some of them are guys that I’ll go hiking with or get a beer with after work,” he said. “There are so many friendships that happen here because the culture allows for it.” 

A passion for EVs 

As someone who grew up around cars, it’s no surprise that Greg is into test driving cars for fun. In fact, one of his favorite hobbies is researching, driving and reviewing electric vehicles in his spare time.  

Greg’s interest in electric renewal energy aligns with Cox’s efforts to make sure cars and fleets are kinder to the planet. 

“I’ve really enjoyed the electric vehicles that are on the market and test driving them,” he said. “I’ve always been a little bit environmentally friendly, but this just feels like my little niche that I can understand and be passionate about.” 

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