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From Sales to Sitcoms, Hope Cayer Stays Tuned In

Hope Cayer Cox employee headshot

Hope Cayer is the kind of person you want at your table for pub trivia.

She loves pop culture and is especially knowledgeable about the movies, music and TV shows of the 80s and 90s. If there are questions about the TV show Friends or about anything related to Disney, it's pretty much guaranteed that Hope will secure the win for your team. 

But aside from the library of fun facts she has at her disposal, Hope is also a great team player: someone who is skilled at communicating with others and partnering to find answers.

These skills don't just make Hope the MVP of a trivia team: they're perfect for her job as a retention specialist at Cox Communications.

Hope has been working at Cox for 21 years, 15 of which have been spent in the retention space. But what exactly does that mean?

"It's about building customer loyalty and satisfaction by making connections, offering solutions and providing superior customer service," Hope said, adding that it's a sales role that requires agents to build trust with customers.

Hope, a Rhode Island native who currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, is a second-generation Cox employee. Her father worked for Cox and gave her insight into the company's values and culture. In fact, Cox's warm and friendly environment is Hope's favorite thing about working here.

"Over the years, some of my closest friends have been made at Cox," she said. "My first day of work in Phoenix after moving across the country, I was welcomed with open arms. I expected it to feel like the first day at a new school and it didn’t."

According to Hope, one other thing that makes Cox stand out from other organizations is the fact that employees are empowered to learn, grow and experience different career paths, all within the same company.

"Cox differs from other jobs I have had because they have allowed me to experience other roles while in my current position through temporary assignments," Hope explained.

For example, some of Hope's assignments have been focused on sales effectiveness, assisting sales agents and handling customer escalations. She also piloted a new pricing strategy, and is currently working with an onboarding team to assist with the coaching and development of new hires in the retention space – a fun full-circle moment for the person who knows what it's like to move across the country for a new job!

"If I was talking to someone interested in working in retention at Cox, I would tell them that the environment is fast-paced and constantly changing…so be adaptable!" Hope said. "Communication skills, problem-solving skills and focusing on being detail-oriented are all important assets to the job."

Hope shines in her role at Cox, armed with her communication prowess and breadth of knowledge that spans from sales to sitcoms. Learn more about sales jobs at Cox here.


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