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12 Years, 3 Divisions, Countless Growth Opportunities

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Becky Moll leads marketing for Cox Private Networks, a custom-designed wireless solution within Cox Communications’ New Growth & Development organization. But her journey with Cox began 12 years (and many other adventures) ago, when she left the University of Georgia with a newly minted journalism degree.

I sat down with Becky to learn more about her dynamic journey at Cox and all that she’s learned along the way.

Tell us about your path at Cox — How did you join the company, and what have you supported since then?

During my time with Cox, I’ve been lucky to gain a broad, horizontal view of the company. I started my career with Cox right after graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Georgia, working as a content and social media producer at the Athens Radio stations at Cox Media Group (author’s note: Cox Media Group is no longer part of the Cox family of businesses). From there, I moved to Atlanta to work at WSB-TV on their new brand-new digital sales team and then to CMG’s internal digital advertising agency.

Meanwhile, I earned my MBA via Georgia Tech’s evening program with my eyes set toward moving into emerging technology. After earning my degree, I joined Cox Enterprises’ Advisory & Assurance team as an internal business consultant working on process improvement projects across the Cox family of businesses.

Most recently, I joined Cox Communication’s New Growth team as the Growth Manager for the Cox Private Networks team. I led our team’s operational processes and acted as a chief of staff as we navigated the business design phase and piloted initial deployments. Since then, Cox Private Networks reached venture status to become a commercial business, and I moved into the marketing role I have today.

What does your current role at Cox entail? What are you learning and looking forward to?

In my current role, I lead the marketing activities for the Cox Private Networks (CPN) brand. CPN offers custom-designed wireless connectivity solutions developed to solve specific needs not effectively solved solely by traditional methods (fiber). I focus on how to market the CPN offerings to our internal Cox audience and our external audience. For our internal audience, I support the Cox Business sales team with collateral, sales aids and other tools, along with sharing information and updates with our key boundary partners. For our external audience, I’m loud about our offerings to customers, industry analysts and peers.

This year, I’ve taken a deep dive into building a foundational marketing program in an emerging, highly technical space, where customers may not be familiar with the benefits of private wireless networks and may not realize a private network could solve their connectivity challenges. Next year, I’m looking forward to finding creative and effective ways to be loud to prospective customers and our peers with ongoing demand and lead generation campaigns and see how our message continues to resonate in the marketplace.

How has your time at Cox informed the way you think about your career and what you want to do? What has helped you navigate career decisions?

There are no shortage of different types of jobs and businesses to learn and explore further at Cox. I feel so lucky that I’ve been to try my hand at a variety of roles, across so many functional areas and divisions and still stay with the same company. I truly feel like each role I’ve had has naturally built off my prior experience. At Cox, hard work and willingness to learn and dive right in are rewarded with opportunities to take on new projects and take on new roles, which lead to new opportunities. My network that I’ve built at Cox has played a big part in helping me move through the company, whether that’s through offering new job opportunities or offering advice on strategic next steps in my career.

What about Cox’s culture has encouraged you to stay with the company for 12 years?

It’s been a true honor to have gotten to work with so many kind and talented people at Cox. I love that I still know people at Cox that I met in my very first role that have also grown and changed roles within the company. I will be forever grateful for all the people and leaders that have advocated for me along the way and taken a chance on me, and I hope to continue to pay that forward.

I also appreciate everything that Cox does to invest in new business ventures and invest in the local communities and to build a world for the next generation. It makes me proud to work for a company that takes social and community responsibility so seriously.

Becky volunteering with the Cox Private Networks team at Hands On Atlanta with Urban Recipe to address food insecurity.

Do you have any advice for people who are wanting to experience career development and growth?

Be open to setting up a quick chat with someone who works in a role or a department you may be interested in to learn more. If you don’t know who to reach out to in order to learn more, don’t hesitate to ask the people in your network if they have anyone they could introduce you to.

In my experience, people are very open to meeting and sharing more about what they do, and a lot of times will introduce you to other people you might continue to connect with. You never know the people you may met or what you learn just by being open to chatting. I wouldn’t be where I am today with the people that advocated for me during my time at Cox!

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