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The Dream Career Lynzie Never Expected

Lynzie Senteno Cox employee headshot

Lynzie Senteno is celebrating 10 years of personal and professional growth at Cox. Here’s why she’s in it for the long haul.

Career paths are full of unexpected twists and turns that can catch you off guard. Lynzie Senteno, for instance, couldn’t have anticipated that taking a job as a call center rep would lead her to become a technical specialist for software solutions in the auto industry. 

But that’s part of what makes working at Cox special — we support free-flowing careers paths, wherever they may lead.

“This job was something I did not expect at all,” she said. “I never pictured myself in anything technical and it’s probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done.” 

Here, Lynzie talks about her decade-long journey of career growth at Cox. 

Lynzie’s career growth at Cox 

Lynzie joined Cox as an entry-level customer support representative after her previous employer shut down her office in Utah. 

“They gave us the option to relocate to Chicago — I almost considered it just because it was terrifying to lose my job, but it didn’t seem worth it in the end,” Lynzie said.  

During that time, a couple of former coworkers had landed jobs at Cox Automotive supporting Cox’s Dealertrack business and recommended the company to Lynzie. 

From the start, Lynzie enjoyed how hands-on her work could be with different features and solutions within the system at Dealertrack (unlike her previous work experience, which was repetitive, she says). 

“I loved it from the start,” she said. “I loved all the troubleshooting, hunting down problems and maybe opening test tickets.” 

She advanced quickly into the next few levels within her department — and, at one point, she was offered back-to-back promotions within a two-week period when a new position became available. 

“My manager at the time came to me: ‘Do you want another promotion?’” Lynzie said. “I was definitely nervous because, it was a next step up where I'd only been in this step for two weeks, but there’s no way I was going to say no.” 

That promotion not only positioned her as a leader that junior reps could turn to for help, but it also brought her to work closely with product and engineering teams.  

It allowed Lynzie to eventually cross over to where she sits today, as a product specialist specializing in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Communications. In this role, she gets to dig into complex cases that support reps weren’t able to resolve and write up a case list for product and engineering teams to work on. 

Looking ahead, Lynzie wants to continue working on the technical side of the business and progress into a leadership role as a manager or supervisor. 

“I think the nice thing about Cox is there are so many different career opportunities,” she said. “There’s just so much opportunity to find something you love.” 

A family-friendly environment 

Lynzie Senteno with her familyOne of the biggest milestones Lynzie’s celebrated since she joined Cox 10 years ago is starting a family. As a mom, she appreciates the work flexibility and support from her manager and the company at large so she doesn’t have to miss the everyday moments in her kids’ lives. 

“I actually get to be present in their life, and I get to see the new things that they do,” she said. “Everybody's been so amazing, and it does seem like they care that I put my family first.” 

That kind of work-life balance — plus other bragworthy benefits like generous PTO, a great salary and annual bonuses — is why Lynzie highly recommends Cox to others, and why she intends to stay here for the long haul. 

“Anyone who ever asks me if I like my job, I tell them, ‘If they’ll let me, I’ll die here.’ That’s how much I like my job. I’m not going anywhere.” 

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