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The Importance of Taking Chances in Your Career

Latrina Perkins 2.2.2024

One of the most important relationships we build in our lifetime is with the people we work for. That’s why La’Trina Perkins takes pride in being a part of the Cox team for 10 years (and counting!). 

“This isn’t just a company; you’re building relationships with these people, and it speaks volumes,” she said. “I always like looking at a lot of things from a relationship perspective because if you think about it, that’s really what you're creating as you take this journey through life.” 

Throughout the past decade of her career, La’Trina has seen time and time again how the company continues to invest in her success — not just as a professional, but as a whole person with a life and responsibilities outside of work. 

Here, La’Trina talks about her career journey as a Cox employee, supporting Dealertrack (a Cox Automotive company). 


A good bet 

La’Trina first joined Cox as a 90-day contractor with the opportunity to transition into a permanent, full-time position as a workforce analyst.  

By taking on the role, she would be leaving a similar position at a different company where she was already an established employee with full benefits. But La’Trina said she saw the potential in joining Cox. 

“I did not like the way that I was being treated at my company; even the most patient person is only going to accept certain things for so long,” she explained. “I had to bet on myself and take that chance.” 

It paid off. La’Trina was offered a permanent role at the end of her contract — and was offered an increased salary along with her full-time benefits. 

“It was the beginning of a great relationship; they not only held their end of the bargain, but they also went above and beyond to let me know, ‘you took a chance on us, we’re going to take a chance on you,’” she said. “See? It was a good bet!” 


On the leadership track 

La’Trina already had a lot of experience as a workforce analyst when she joined Cox, so she hit the ground running with ideas and made a name for herself on her team.  

After a couple of years, she was at a crossroads between leveling up as a technical lead with her team or pursuing management opportunities outside her department. With her boss’ support, she landed a new role as a supervisor of technical support. 

“I expressed to him that I was looking for more of a leadership role and he did everything he could: he connected me with people and told me about roles that were out there for me to apply,” she said. 


Supporting employees through life’s moments 

La’Trina was gearing up to move up to a management role — but life had other plans. 

About six years ago, La’Trina had to move back home to Florida to tend to a family situation. And due to some lifestyle changes and shifting responsibilities, La’Trina had to step away from a leadership role. But Cox had her back. She moved into a 100% remote lead technical analyst role while retaining her salary and tenure. 

“Once again, they were rolling the dice on me saying, ‘If you feel that you want to move back home, guess what? You don't have to quit your job and start your career all over,’” she said. “I just think that when you have a company that stands behind you like that, you don’t need someone to tell you that they care about you. They’re showing you.” 

Now, La’Trina continues to work remotely and has stepped back into a supervisor role on her team. Now she’s back on that leadership track she envisioned. 

“Now that my personal situation has changed, I can put that focus back into that role,” she said. “I’m ready for take another chance on myself.” 


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