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The Road to a Healthier Life

Cox employee running outdoors on campus

Wherever you are on your journey to good health habits, Cox has options to help you go even further. 


Here at Cox, we recognize that wellness has many different meanings. There’s mental wellness, financial wellness and, of course, physical wellness. We strive to give employees everything they need to find health and happiness in all of these areas. But today, we’re zooming in on the latter. 

When it comes to physical wellness, everyone has a unique story. The abilities, backgrounds and interests of our employees are diverse, so we offer many different pathways to help them meet their fitness and nutrition goals. 

We offer a bevy of benefits that focus on physical health available here at Cox. I spoke with Amy Bush to learn more about the depth and breadth of exercise and nutrition options available to employees of all skill levels, both on our campuses and virtually.  

Amy has been with Cox for about six years. She’s the general manager of two gyms at Cox’s Atlanta headquarters. Both centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are available to Cox employees. These are impressive, fully equipped gyms with rows of elliptical machines, stationary bikes and stair climbers, free weights and almost every exercise machine you can think of.


Cox offers access to state-of-the-art fitness centers for employees who choose to work in-person, like the gyms at our Atlanta headquarters.


Amy also teaches classes and does personal training at these locations. She’s all about a healthy lifestyle – and providing options to those who want to step up their own fitness game. 

“We do a lot of events and health programs,” she said. “For example, right now we’re doing a six-week long strength training program. It’s accountability driven. You’re paired with a personal coach and start at a beginner or intermediate level, and you learn the importance and execution of proper strength training.” 

But what about the many employees who work at other locations, or our myriad remote employees? Fear not, far-away friends: Cox has you covered too. 

“We have this cool little thing called the Cox Fitness Channel,” Amy said. “We do a lot of educational things there, like workshops and webinars. We'll have our dietitian come out and speak on different topics virtually as well. And anyone can watch our classes live or on demand. There’s a library where you can access any of the classes.” 


Atlanta employees at Cox's annual 5K event.


Even with resources galore, one of the biggest roadblocks to an active lifestyle is that some people are just not sure where to start. It can mean a significant lifestyle change for many, and the sheer volume of information out there – much of it contradictory – can be daunting. Fortunately, Amy and her teams have a solution to this problem as well. 

“One of my favorite services that we offer is called a personal coaching session (PCS),” she said. “It’s basically getting a personal health coach for free, and you can come to as many sessions as you need. A lot of employees want to go to the gym, but it can be intimidating for someone who may be coming back to the office after a couple of months or years. We help them with setting goals. We ask them questions about their work-life balance, what struggles they've had and how to overcome them. We work as a team to put together something that will work for them and then get them started towards accomplishing those goals. A PCS usually it takes about 30 minutes.” 

Of course, nutrition is an important component of physical wellness, too. Our registered dietician is available to help Cox employees make plans to meet their nutritional needs. 

“They’ll have an initial meeting where they’ll discuss specifics and goals,” Amy said. “There’s no ‘meal planning’ as it were; it’s more a discussion about habits, what to include and what to exclude. It’s like a PCS, but for nutrition.” 


In addition to offering virtual nutrition resources, Cox offers healthy food options at on-campus dining centers and markets.


In addition to everything mentioned here, Cox employees have access to CrossFit, spin classes, yoga, meditation and much more.  

Whether our employees are just starting on the fitness trail or already athletes in their own right, we’ve got something to fit their needs at Cox.  


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