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Professional Pivots and Motherhood Milestones at Cox

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Elizabeth Friedman doesn’t have a linear career path. She dabbled in media, HR and even a tourism side gig before finding her niche in project management at Cox. 

Elizabeth Friedman first fell in love with Cox as an HR intern. The people and the environment she experienced as an intern at the company made her feel safe to be her true self. So when her internship ended, she was thrilled to stay on as a contractor and eventually come on full time as an HR coordinator.  

About two years into her tenure at Cox, she heard about LEAD, a paid rotational leadership development program for people who are early in their careers. At the time, she’d been tasked with sharing information about the program with the current class of Cox interns. But the more she learned about the program, the more interested she became in participating in it herself. She applied and was selected to join the first LEAD program class in October 2015 as a project manager.  

The experience she gained in the program over the course of a year and half allowed her to officially pivot her career from her previous role in HR and land a job as a project manager supporting Cox Business, part of the Cox family of businesses. It didn’t take long for Elizabeth to be promoted to senior project manager. 

Outside of her day-to-day responsibilities, Elizabeth became interested in Cox’s inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) initiatives and began spending time getting involved in different projects and serving on the company’s ID&E council for four years. Before she knew it, Elizabeth had built a reputation as an expert in the ID&E space within Cox. So, when a senior manager role came up to lead inclusion efforts at Cox supporting Cox Communications, she jumped at the opportunity.  

LEAD always remained near and dear to Elizabeth’s heart, and it was a dream of hers to help support the program that jumpstarted her career at Cox. In 2023, when a senior manager role opened on the LEAD team, she had the chance to make that dream come true. This was the perfect full-circle moment to kick off her 10th year at the company.  

Throughout her journey at Cox, Elizabeth has also reached many personal and professional milestones. As her career progressed, Elizabeth got married and started a family with her husband, who also works at Cox. She’s been grateful for the company’s support through each new stage in her life, from taking time off for her wedding and honeymoon to enjoying an easy transition into maternity leave as a first-time mom. Now she’s expecting her second child and preparing to be a mom to both a toddler and a newborn.


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