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5 Things to Expect as a New Employee at Cox

Cox Onboarding 3.8.2024

Picture this: You did it. You landed a great offer and can finally leave the job search behind to look forward to a new adventure. But as your first day approaches after weeks of anticipation, you might be feeling a mix of nerves and excitement.  

I get it. After all, starting anew often involves stepping out of your comfort zone.  

The good news is that Cox’s world-class onboarding program was carefully designed to help new hires settle in and feel at ease from day one.  

I chatted with Employee Experience Director Chad Prosser, who is one of the chief architects of our Welcome Week programming. He explained how he and his team constantly think of new ways to “wow” people in every moment — from feeling comfortable on your first day to empowered in your new job. 

“More than anything, I want you to just feel welcomed and that we’re thrilled you’re here,” he said. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can look forward to as a new hire at Cox. 


1. You’ll see a fun twist on virtual welcome sessions.  

Granted, you might have guessed there would be an HR orientation. But Chad and his team have flipped the script on Cox’s welcome session by turning it into an interactive game show format.  

“My thought was, ‘I want this to not be an HR orientation, but an employee experience,’” Chad said. “Rather than us just talking, the sessions intentionally are less about content and more about feeling welcomed and expected. Our goal is that you just leave [the session] saying, ‘I joined the right company.’” 

There’s no way around some of the paperwork when starting a new job, like setting up your direct deposit and complete your tax forms. But to make it as seamless as possible, Cox’s teams have made it all available securely online so you can even get started on it before your first day. 


2. You can choose your benefits even before your first day. 

At Cox, your benefits coverage begins on day one. That means you can start selecting your healthcare plan and more beforehand. You’ll have early access to Cox’s interactive benefits selection tool, which helps you see the cost and benefit of each option and serves as a guide to choosing the best coverage for you.  

The Cox Welcome Team will walk you through all the benefits options on your first day as well, should you have any questions or would prefer to wait until then. 

“One thing that wows people is that our healthcare is about 35% less than what you would pay typically for healthcare, with even better coverage,” Chad said. 


3. You’ll receive a personalized gift. 

Getting company swag isn’t much of a surprise these days. But Cox takes it a step further by letting you select your own welcome gift. 

“One of our promises at Cox is that your uniqueness is your magic,” Chad said. “So how could we possibly choose the perfect gift for you?” 

You’ll receive a menu of options to choose whatever item best suits your lifestyle, whether you’re an animal lover, a wellness enthusiast and more. Plus, a Cox tumbler so you can stay hydrated and represent the Cox brand in a planet-friendly way.

4. You won’t be “drinking from the fire hose.” 

Getting started in a new job, especially at a large company like Cox, can feel like a lot to take in. Cox has plenty of great programs and initiatives you won’t want to miss, but you’ll receive information gradually so it’s not too much at once. Cue the onboarding email newsletters, which will land in your inbox over your first couple of months at Cox.

“Nobody’s going to remember a thing on day one except for how they feel,” Chad said. “That’s why we have this email communication: so everything is timed and intentional.” 

These emails cover all kinds of topics, from reminders to sign up for your benefits to learning about employee recognition, volunteer opportunities, career mobility and more. 

(Pro tip: Save these emails in a folder so they don’t get lost forever in your inbox.) 


5. You’ll have a chance to chat with Cox’s CEO.

During our Quarterly New Hire Events, all new employees get a chance to have an informal virtual gathering with Cox Enterprises President and CEO, Alex Taylor.  

"That’s an amazing part is that all of our new hires get access to the CEO in their first 90 days,” Chad said. “I think that’s just unheard of in companies, where you get to hear directly from just you and the CEO. And he loves doing that.”


Now that you have a good idea of what’s in store for you as a new hire at Cox, are you feeling ready — or dare I say, pumped — to experience it all for yourself? Let’s make it happen. Apply now and start a new career journey at Cox. 

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